Samsung SDI Dedicated to Improving Battery Safety With a Significantly Large Investment


When a rumor came through that Samsung SDI was going to be the chief primary battery supplier for the Galaxy S8, readers were most likely having mixed feelings about this, given the fact that the Galaxy Note7 first came with batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI and eventually ended up in smoke, prompting a recall. However, Samsung’s battery manufacturing division is aiming to make smartphones even safer to use by investing a huge sum to boost battery safety.

Samsung SDI Aiming to Invest $128 Million to Improve Battery Safety in Mobile Devices

With such an investment, Business Korea reports that Samsung SDI is setting up a task force team to innovate the product safety after the Galaxy Note7 meltdown took place. The investment will also be used to further strengthen the safety of batteries. On January 23, the battery division ended up installing an emergency situation room at the Cheonan plant in South Chungcheong Province and established a production safety innovation task force team right after announcing the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 in September last year.

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This team is apparently the largest in scale and has employed a total of 100 executive and employees for the following sections:

  • Development
  • Production
  • Technology, quality and verification

Samsung SDI President Cho Nam-Seong has said that this is the part where the company is at a point where its efforts will determine the future.

“We are now standing at the crossroads of life and death of the company. Whether we work together for a complete overhaul or fade into the mists of history will depend on our determination.”

One Samsung SDI spokesperson stated the following concerning the plan to use the company’s cells inside future mobile devices:

“Even global smartphone makers are placing more orders for polymer batteries to Samsung SDI. Especially, Samsung SDI’s batteries are highly likely to be used in Samsung Electronics’ next smartphones.”

With the level of efforts that Samsung SDI is making, it looks like we should expect batteries from the company to be present inside the Galaxy S8, as well as the Note 8.