Samsung rolls out Galaxy S value pack update in Korea

Ammar Malik
Mar 29, 2012

Still rocking the old Galaxy S? Sad because Samsung wont be updating your phone to Google’s latest and greatest, aka Ice Cream Sandwich? Well if you’re residing in Korea you have reason to be pleased. The previously announced value pack update for Galaxy S, which was later cancelled, is now finding its way onto people’s smartphones in Samsung’s home turf. The value pack is Samsung’s answer to not updating the phone to Android 4.0. While this will still not please those who wanted an official Ice Cream Sandwich update, it’s still got enough to make the average user happy.

The list of features included in this value pack includes face unlock, the ability to snap photos while recording video, enhanced photo editing features, and improved folder functionality in the Launcher and some small improvements here and there. If you’re still not satisfied then you can always go the unofficial route as there’re a great set of Android 4.0 ROMs available.