Samsung Plans to Launch a Smartphone With a Quadruple Camera System In 2018: Rumor


Samsung’s upcoming high-end flagship, the Galaxy 10 Plus has been rumoured to be the first device from the Korean manufacturer to come with a triple-camera sensor at the back. However, it turns out that Samsung might be working on a device that will trump the flagship and that is something that will apparently sport a quadruple camera setup. Sounds exciting? Sure does, but the strange thing is that this feature might belong to a device that we haven’t about before.

Samsung Is Working on an Unnamed Device With Four Camera Lens at One Side of the Phone - It Isn’t the Galaxy F or Galaxy S10 Plus

Twitter can churn out a lot of rumours for us and you can guess where the latest one came from? That is correct, Ice Universe. According to the leakster, Samsung is working on a smartphone that will sport a total of four camera lenses on one side. If you open up the thread of his tweet, there were a lot of questions concerning this unnamed device, and some of them were asking if there was going to be a dual-camera on each side in order to sever the suspense.

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Now here is the strange part; this optics upgrade does not belong to the Galaxy S10 Plus or the heavily rumoured Galaxy F, the upcoming foldable display smartphone. In fact, the leakster has not mentioned any model name, which can only mean that it is a device that could possibly belong to an unreleased series or simply a prototype that Samsung might want to show off to the public and market it as the ‘future of smartphone photography’.

Whatever Samsung might be planning, we don’t have sufficient information regarding this device and much to our dismay, even Ice Universe has not bothered to share the relevant info with us. However, that does not prevent us from looking deeper into this and we’ll be updating you on the latest in the near future.

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News Source: Twitter (Ice Universe)