Three For One; Samsung Norway Posts(?) Three Of The Most Potent Galaxy S6 Features


With the upcoming Galaxy S6 launches this March, Samsung has been quite busy, both at preparing the devices for launch, and keeping us all interested by posting teasers for it. Well, it looks like things are getting more and more interesting, as Samsung Norway has seemingly confirmed one of the most hyped about feature of the Galaxy S6, amongst others.

Galaxys6norway1Samsung Norway Reveals Features Of The Galaxy S6 In Latest Attempt To Build More Hype

We've seen several teaser images and videos from Samsung already which end up highlighting features on the upcoming galaxy S6 such as the device's battery and performance capabilities. Well, today's postings by Samsung Norway do more than that and provide us with details about three different features on the devices. The first, as you can see in the image above showcases an oft repeated rumor on the device i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S6 having not two, but three curved sided display.

galaxys6norway2The next tip deals with the durability of the device with the claim that the Galaxy S6 is 'expected to be durable'. Durability is an issue that almost every smartphone out there faces and looks like Samsung's expecting the Galaxy S6 to be more durable than other, owing possibly to the metal unibody that the device is expected to come featuring. The third image, as you can see below deals with the device's multimedia capabilities.

glaaxys6norway3Looks like Samsung might end up equipping the Galaxy S6 with front facing stereo speakers, for all the music lovers out there. Combined with the 20.7 MP rear camera expected for the device, this should end up making the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge to be very well rounded off devices indeed. What's of interest here is that while there are numerous Galaxy S6 rumors out there, we can assume that the Korean giant's selection of these three might end up carrying significant meaning. Or we could simply be grasping at straws here for the specifications of a device which has seen a diverse array of leaks. Whatever the case may be, we'll found in eight days. So stay tuned.