Samsung Pay to Offer Instant Cash Back on Select Purchases


Samsung Pay has come a long way, ever since its inception a few years ago. Thanks to rapid expansion and the sheer simplicity of use, it is one of the best payment options on the market right now. Today, the company announced a new "cash back" program for people using Samsung Pay. According to their blog post:

Here’s how it works: In the new Cash Back section of the Samsung Pay app’s home screen, users will find a range of exclusive offers from leading retailers. When they click on the offer they want and complete a purchase through the participating merchant, the user will receive a percentage back on their purchase which they can then spend toward a purchase—anywhere they use Samsung Pay.[2]The app is now a cash register, a marketplace, and a piggybank.

The initiative is completely independent of their Reward Points program, which will continue to operate as earlier. The cash back initiative will be limited to the United States initially, but it's only inevitable that it gets rolled out across other markets eventually.

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Cashback deals from several retailers will be available within the Samsung Pay app, which can be found in the Cash Back section of the Samsung Pay app’s home screen. To avail an offer, select the one you want and complete a purchase through the participating merchant. Shortly after, you will receive a percentage of the total amount spent back in your Samsung Pay wallet.

Top retailers such as Wal-Mart likely to participate in the program

The amount can be then used for any purchase using the app. The complete list of retailers that will offer cashback isn't available, but it will very likely include the likes of eBay, Instacart, Etsy, Walmart and Warby Parker, among others.

What’s more, starting on later this month, consumers will be able to purchase Samsung Rewards points, similar to the way airline consumers can purchase extra miles in order to build up enough to kick start their next adventure. With Rewards points, consumers will not only get something more out of their purchases, they can also get a meaningful head start on their next mobile shopping experience.

On top of the cashback, reward points users will now be able to purchase Samsung Rewards. We don't know much about it, and the blog post states that additional information will be provided later.

News Source: sammobile