Samsung Does Not Plan to Talk About Anything Related to Note 7 at CES 2017

Samsung no Note 7 talk CES 2017

Samsung’s intentions at the CES 2017 are probably not going to be related to anything with the Galaxy Note 7, and the company plans to keep it that way. According to the latest statement from the firm’s President, they are not going to reveal anything related to the Galaxy Note 7’s explosions, not so much as an apology to consumers for giving them so much grief over the course of several months.

Samsung to Announce New Products at CES 2017 – Still Has Not Provided Evidence Related to Galaxy Note 7’s Explosions

According to Chinese media, Samsung US President and COO Tim Baxter said in a statement that Samsung's tradition at the CES 2017 show will be as follows:

“To introduce groundbreaking technological breakthroughs. We are always concerned about what consumers are most interested in.”

It was already reported that the South Korean smartphone manufacturer figured out why its Note 7 was exploding in the first place but never bothered to reveal its findings to the public. It has instead sent the important information to labs for further tests. The company did state that it would provide a public explanation earlier, but so far, Samsung has not bothered to update us on the matter. Even though Samsung has continued to remained mum about this, a team of teardown experts revealed that the aggressive design of the Note 7 was the reason why it ended up exploding.

These experts explained that the Galaxy Note 7’s battery sits within a costly CNC-machined pocket, which only leaves between 0.1mm and 0.5mm of space to expand when heated. In an ideal set of conditions, the battery should have at least 0.5mm of vacant space for the battery to expand freely, but it turns out that this little calculative mistake from Samsung’s engineers resulted in the company’s market value to take a sledgehammer to the face with the results that took place shortly after the device was shipped to consumers.

Keep in mind that the year 2016 is far from over, so it is possible that the company could reveal the ‘explosive’ details about the Note 7 before 2017 starts. Do you believe Samsung should reveal its findings publicly at the CES 2017 trade show? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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