Galaxy Note 7 Design Flaw Was Responsible for Battery Problems That Followed


Before the year ends, Samsung was going to provide the public with an explanation as to why the Galaxy Note 7 units went up in smoke. Though we have yet to hear about an update from the company, it looks like someone else looked very carefully at the internals of the Note 7 and found out that in Samsung’s attempt to make the phablet the best one ever, it actually made it more susceptible to explosions and we will explain to you why that is.

The Galaxy Note 7 Internal Design Flaw Is What Was Causing the Explosions in the First Place - Room Inside Made Matters Very Difficult for the Battery

Samsung has said that it will provide a full analysis before the year ends and while we wait for the company to reveal what it has learned, a teardown initiated by Instrumental shows the reason why a Galaxy Note 7 ended up becoming a portable ticking time bomb was because Samsung’s engineers didn’t allow enough internal space for the handset’s large battery, leading to a pressure build-up, short-circuit, fires, and a whole lot of angry consumers.

It has not been ruled that a manufacturing defect of Samsung’s SDI battery design was the main culprit, but even after replacing the batteries with a different manufacturer, these issues persisted. Simply stated, the engineers crammed the battery inside of the Galaxy Note 7, leading to the disastrous aftermath that followed.

According to the details of the elaborate teardown, the Galaxy Note 7’s battery sits within a costly CNC-machined pocket, which only leaves between 0.1mm and 0.5mm of space to expand when heated. Ideally, in order for the battery to breath ideally, Samsung’s engineers should have left a 0.5mm space for the battery to expand freely. Failing to make this extra space could be the reason why the explosions were taking place.

We will naturally wait for Samsung to reveal its own findings, but the Galaxy Note 7 will definitely be an eye-opener for the tech giant, especially when it is gearing up to announce the Galaxy S8.