Samsung Wants To Move Patent War Against Apple To Supreme Court

Apple and Samsung have been in a legal patent war for a long time. In fact, it's now been three years since Samsung lost a massive battle against Apple, in which the court ordered the Korean giant to pay Apple a billion dollar in damages. That judgement remains unmoved till this day, but luckily for Samsung, the company was able to shave off a few million dollars from the original ruling, nonetheless, the decision to pay Apple still upholds.

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Now, we are hearing news that Samsung wants to end the legal battle once and for all, and it wants to do that by moving the case to the Supreme Court, and the company has already dropped the necessary legal documents to move the case forward. With this move, it's likely that Samsung will find a few backers for its case as well, who would want both companies to cool things down rather than make it worse for each other. And those backers would include the likes of Google, Facebook and likely other big name companies from Silicon Valley.

The Supreme Court has until June of next year to decide whether or not it wants to take up the case, and that's plenty of time for Apple and Samsung both to solidify their stance even further, given that the big guns do take up this legal battle.

So far, Samsung has seen success in the legal battle on its own for arguing that it hasn't infringed on Apple's patents and is indeed playing cleanly by the rulebook. For instance, the original verdict stated that Samsung has to pay Apple a billion dollar in damages for infringing its patents and design, but that number came down to $930 million, and out of that, $382 million was asked to be reconsidered. And yesterday, Samsung saw a big win on its end as the United States Patent and Trademark Office invalidated one of Apple's design patents.

We're very certain that this overall patent war won't go down easy, as companies tend to copy one another in a lot of different ways. And with Samsung living off Apple's bread and butter by copying its designs, it's very hard to say if the Korean giant will ever give up on its age long habit.

Whatever the case might be, we'll bring you the good news related to it, or bad, if there's any at all, so stay tuned to our coverage.


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