Samsung Makes 2FA Mandatory for All Samsung Accounts

Anil Ganti

A few days ago, Samsung admitted that a small portion of its users was affected by a data breach. Some 150-odd people were able to see personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses, and the likes of strangers. Even though the number of people involved is fairly low, Samsung doesn't want to mess around and is now forcing all of its users to use 2FA on their Samsung accounts (via Sammobile).

You won't notice the change right away, as it comes via an update to the Samsung app on all Galaxy phones. Should you try to log in to it from a different device, you'll be forced to set up two-factor authentication on it. It is not every day that one looks into their Samsung account, so a lot of users will still be stuck without 2FA. Ideally, Samsung should have forced a logout on every device, forcing users to go through the setup. However, that would have inconvenienced a lot of people, and it is understandable as to why Samsung didn't go ahead with it. We'd recommend that you log out of it and log back in so that the step is triggered automatically. It's always to secure your account with a second layer of security.

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How to enable 2FA for your Samsung account

Head over to your device's Settings app, navigate to Accounts and Backup >Accounts. Here, look for your Samsung account and tap on it. Head over to the Passwords and Security tab and toggle two-step verification on. Here you'll be asked to confirm your identity using a fingerprint/PIN/Pattern. After that, you'll have to input and verify your phone number, if you haven't linked with your Samsung account. You can also use a third-party authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator to generate 2FA codes. Alternatively, you can save a bunch of backup codes that can be used when you are unable to receive a 2FA code via SMS


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