Samsung Launches Exclusive TV-Show Like Content for the Gear VR

Anil Ganti

Ever since it's inception, VR has been all about a superior gaming experience, with some video content scattered here and there. To fill the void, Samsung announced the launch of what it's calling 'Pilot Season' which will bring TV show-esque content to the Gear VR platform. The prospect of a VR-based TV show seems exciting, so let's take a look at what it's about.

The Pilot Season initiative gives content creators a platform to showcase their VR content. Several people also got to lay their hands on Samsung’s 360 Round camera; the company’s professional-grade 360-degree camera, which is a colossal rig made up of 17 cameras that can capture and live stream content simultaneously. It supports a host of features such as real-time calibration of stitch lines, colour and light correction capabilities and a lot more.

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On top of the change to get their hands on the 360-degree camera a, few creators also get exclusive distribution channel via the Samsung VR Video service. The episodes are now available via Samsung VR Video on the Gear VR. To access the Samsung VR Video service, head over to the Oculus store, where The Pilot Season episodes will be listed in the “Featured” section of the service. Here's a clip that should give you a rough idea:

The episodes cover a wide range of topics, including highlights of how design is going to change the way we look at the world to even a scripted sci-fi virtual reality comedy series. It might sound boring, but there's more, some of which might pique your interest. If you’ve got a Gear VR lying around, do check out the Pilot Season episodes on the Samsung VR Video service.

You'll also need a compatible Samsung handset to go with the VR goggles. Any flagship device released in the past two years should work fine, but you might need a USB C adaptor for some earlier models of the googles. Do check the episodes out and let us know in the comments if they're any good.

News Source: sammobile

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