The 2018 iPhone Lineup’s OLED Panels Will Enter Mass Production Next Month As Samsung Is Eager To Restart Production Lines


Following in line with earlier reports, another one today claims that Samsung will commence display production for Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup starting from next month. The company ran into problems of excess capacity when Apple cut down OLED orders after facing lackluster iPhone X unit shipments. Now, the Apple Samsung pair is eager to kick things off early this year. Take a look below for all the details.

Samsung Will Commence iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus OLED Panel Production In May And Ratchet Up Speed In June Claims Latest Report By Taiwanese Publication

Last year, Apple made an unprecedented move with its iPhone lineup. Cupertino split the products into two tiers, premium, and ultra-premium. While the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus marked a continuation of the smartphone's unchanged design language, the iPhone X introduced a new look and feel. However, all three iPhones were not available at the same time, as Apple's continued reliance on third-party manufacturing made shipment difficult to manage.

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The $1000, 64GB iPhone X and its variant with larger storage were available for pre-order a month and a half after their launch. Even then, users continued to face shipment delays as supply chain sources claimed that Apple's high calibration requirements for the smartphone's Face ID were creating a lot of production difficulties.

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Today, Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News is back with some fresh reports from Apple's supply chain. According to them, Samsung will start to produce OLED panels for two of the three iPhones expected this year from Apple. Initially, the output will stand at 2-4 million units, and Samsung will double this in June. The company's OLED lines have remained stagnant for the past couple of months and Samsung is eager to resume production as early as possible.

These reports come after earlier claims that Apple and Samsung were still negotiating prices for OLED panels. Due to poor demand, the prices will fall in 2018 and Apple is reportedly asking for lower quotes. Finally, early production of OLED panels will ensure that Apple is able to avoid shipment and release delays with the iPhone XS/Xs Plus (both tentatively dubbed) this year.

After all, all three rumored iPhones for 2018 will use True Depth cameras and Apple needs a strong headstart. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: UDN