Samsung Hailed the Top Android Tablet Maker in Q2 2021


The market for Android tablets is a mixed bag, really. When you are looking at Apple, they have the iPad, and that really rules everything. However, if you want something high-end that runs Android, then Samsung is the only option you have. Despite the waning interest in Android tablets, Samsung has remained committed to providing some of the highest-end Android tablets and continues to do so in a great fashion. The Galaxy Tab S7 series was a testament to how committed Samsung is.

Samsung Sees an Impressive Growth and Ships 8.2 Million Tablets in Q2 2021

Sure, Samsung also indulges in making mid-range tablets, but the higher-end offerings are the ones that take the cake. However, Samsung's strategy to sell both mid and high-end tablets has paid off as the company has remained at the top of Android tablet makers in the second quarter of this year.

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According to the latest figures from Strategy Analytics, Samsung managed to ship 8.2 million tablets in Q2 2021 and registered an impressive 18% growth year-over-year compared to the same period in 202.0. The divorce tablet lineup, which includes Galaxy Tab S7, Tab S7+, and Tab S7 FE, helped Samsung increase its share. This also helped Samsung to grow the market shared by 18%.

However, Samsung is not the only one that enjoyed this good news; Lenovo's Android tablet shipment also saw a good increase as the company shipped 4.7 million units during the quarter, getting an insane 67% increase compared to Q2 2020.

Amazon is the third-largest Android tablet vendor, thanks to the affordably priced tablets. The tablet shipment for Amazon saw an impressive 49% growth year-over-year, and the company now accounts for a 9% share of the global market.

Apple remains the leader in the overall tablet market as it shipped 15.8 million units in Q2 2021 and managed to grab a global market share of 35%. You can read more about the report here.