Samsung Galaxy View Specifications, Price And Images Posted By Retailer


After a major leak a couple of days back, the Samsung Galaxy View just doesn't seem to want to stay out of the news. Samsung's 18.4 inch behemoth of a tablet has been in the news for quite a while and so far we've managed to learn quite a lot about the device. Aside from its size, the Samsung Galaxy View will also be coming with mid-range specs, some design changes from the company's usual design blueprint and features such as a front camera. Today, some more information about the device has surfaced in the form of an online listing, so lets see what that has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy View Gets Posted On Online Retailer With $599 Price Tag

Looking to get yourself a Samsung Galaxy View before the company launches the device? Well you can pre-order the device yourself today at retailer adorama, which has listed the device on its website, alongside complete specifications. The 18.4 inch tablet from the Korean manufacturer comes with storage specifications listed as 32GB of internal storage (with MicroSD) and 2GB of RAM.

The device is also listed only with a front camera with resolution 2.1MP and a FHD screen. We've already seen the front camera on the Samsung Galaxy View in previously leaked images as well. The battery size for the device is 7500mAh, which according to the retailer should offer you a life of 8.5 hours of video playing.

galaxy view listingThe processor on the 18.4 inch tablet will be Samsung's 64-bit, octa core Exynos 7580 CPU with frequencies of 1.6GHz. Asides from the posting, there are also some fresh new images of Samsung's device, that appear to be promotional images once again. You can take a look at the Galaxy View from a couple of angles which not only confirm the absence of a home button on the device's front.

You can also take a look at Samsung's custom stand for the device which manages to blend in rather well with the device's overall aesthetics. The device is also expected to feature Cat.6 LTE meaning that you'll be connected on the go should you choose to carry the device with you. Samsung's paid some focus to the multimedia capabilities on the device as well, with the Galaxy View to pay special focus towards online streaming. Impressed? Can more be done? Take a look at the images below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.