First, Alleged Live Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands-On Video Posted By Screen Protector Manufacturer Shows Reduced Top/Bottom Bezels

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We've got a month left until Samsung launches the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The pair are regular features of the rumor mill, giving us a fair idea of what to expect from Samsung next month. The Korean tech giant will not change the pair's form factor from their predecessors. Instead, we'll get some highly anticipated feature updates. Today, a first alleged hands-on video for the Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks from China. Take a look below for more details.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands-On Video Shows Highly Responsive Touch Display For The Smartphone

As we've progressed down this year's rumor cycle for Samsung's Galaxy S9, a lot of rumors have bitten the dust. Early on, reports believed that the smartphone will feature an improved display. But now, sources agree that the only display change on the Galaxy S9 will reduce the smartphone's top and bottom bezels. Today's video allegedly shows the Galaxy S9 in action.

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While we can't be sure, and it's always best to proceed with caution, the bezels do look slightly thinner in today's clip. Samsung's Galaxy S9 will have several strong points, one of which will be the device's rear camera. Its larger brother will get a dual camera setup and to compensate, Samsung will make an upgrade on the smaller device as well.

The video comes courtesy of Taobao screen protector manufacturer, from the Chinese social network Weibo. If you take a cursory glance above, you'll see that the S9 will not lag behind any device when it comes to touch responsiveness. In fact, we should expect the smartphone to push this barrier even further. If our instinct is right, Samsung's Galaxy S9 will feature a stunning display, further cementing the company as one of the world's leading flagship smartphone manufacturers.

As for the camera, right now it's a variable aperture lens which is hot in tech town for the Samsung Galaxy S9. This will allow the smartphone's camera to automatically adjust itself and allow adequate light inside. It'll be a treat to test the feature out. It's these subtle yet important upgrades which truly define the flagship smartphone world as the market matures. And Samsung, seems to understand it much better than others, including Apple. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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