Samsung’s Mobile Chief Is Reassuring That Galaxy S8 Will Be as Safe as It Will Be Innovative


Dong-jin Koh, Samsung’s current mobile chief has given loyal customers great news when he said that the company is going to announce a Galaxy Note 8 later in the year. With Samsung’s new and improved 8-point safety check for batteries expected to make things much safer for you, it can be assumed that the company’s future lineup of smartphones are going to be tested rigorously to prevent another Note7 catastrophe. With Samsung seemingly on track, the company’s mobile chief has also stated that its Galaxy S8 is going to be highly innovative and will not pose any threat to future consumers.

Samsung’s Financial Growth Relies Heavily on the Galaxy S8’s Popularity – Mobile Chief Says Phone Will Be Safe to Use

Using advanced safety measures, including an X-ray scanning run to check the innards of smartphones, it looks like Samsung’s Dong-jin Koh is doing everything in his power to ensure that customers experience the best of both worlds from an Android flagship; safety and innovation. According to Business Korea, the executive stated the following regarding his responsibility in delivering a quality product to the masses:

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“In recent years, smartphones have expanded multimedia functions, so battery life should be long, and battery sizes are getting smaller to satisfy portability. Batteries for the Galaxy Note 7 were one of the most important specifications. Battery manufacturers made a mistake while introducing new design and manufacturing methods to meet these specifications. I have a sense of responsibility for failing to finally verify this point before the launch of the product.”

Galaxy S8 might ship out without a physical home button and is said to come with just a curved-edge screen version, though other rumors point out that the company will indeed be rolling out a flat-screen variant as well. The flagship is also rumored to feature a screen-to-body ratio that will exceed 90 percent, so a major overhaul is in the works from Samsung’s end. Are you happy with the company’s efforts in upgrading the safety check environment of smartphones before they are shipped out to the customer? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments right away.