Samsung Could Learn a Lot From This Bezel-Less Galaxy S8 Concept – Check Out the Video Here


After suffering terrible Galaxy S5 sales, Samsung triggered a whole redesign of its flagship family, which you now see on devices such as Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The company’s Galaxy S8 is said to come with a boatload of upgrades, and to give the tech giant some helpful tips, this concept looks terrific.

Galaxy S8 Video Concept Virtually Shows no Bezel – Concept Is Close to the Prototype Sharp Display

Remember the Sharp concept that you were introduced not too long ago called the Corner R? Well think of the latest Galaxy S8 concept as being a similar device in the latest video. It would be wishful thinking to believe that the Galaxy S8 is going to come even remotely close to this concept, but we’ll be lucky if it does. What we do understand here is that Samsung intends to announce the device much sooner than anticipated. According to sources close the matter, the handset is going to be unveiled on February 26, and there isn’t just going to be one variant showcased in the spotlight.

According to the latest rumor, there are going to be a total of two Galaxy S8 variants, with different screen sizes and resolutions. The first variant is going to feature a screen size of 5.1 inches, while the second one is going to be a phablet with a rumored 4K display. It is possible that the 4K display will only get triggered in necessary situations, such as rendering 4K content, which to inform you, is also known as ‘Adaptive Display’ technology. Both variants are going to be Daydream ready because of the powerful SoCs present inside.

Not too long ago, Samsung confirmed the acquisition of Viv Labs, which had originally worked on Siri. As a result, Samsung might incorporate its own blend of voice commands, taking the smartphone experience to the very next level. Unfortunately, it is too early to tell what sort of device we’ll be getting, now that Samsung’s plate is full thanks to the Galaxy Note 7 saga.  We have included the Galaxy S8 concept video right at the bottom so be sure to check it out when you can.