Samsung Galaxy S2 finally available for AT&T users

If you're a Samsung Galaxy S2 fan and  living in the US, you would have waited quite along time indeed for this beast of  a phone to come to US carriers, and finally the wait is over! As expected, the Galaxy S2 has finally been launched by AT&T, with a price of $199 with a two year contract,  or you can get the phone through Amazon Wireless aswell, who will ship you the phone for free within 2 days for a price of $149. If you are planning on getting one of these and have been waiting you can go ahead and grab one of these from AT&T or you have some other options too.

Sprint's Galaxy S2

Firstly, you can get Sprint's version of the Galaxy S2, the Epic 4G Touch for $200. While AT&T's Galaxy S2 is a the same as the global version with a 4.3" Super Amoled PLUS Screen, 8MP camera and 1.2Ghz Exynos Processor, the Epic 4G Touch has a larger screen at 4.52" display so you could say it has more value, though Sprint's 4G network is currently Wimax and you won't get the more superior LTE until 2012 so thats the bad bit.

Samsung Hercules

Then we have the T-Mobile Galaxy S2, the Hercules with the same 4.52" screen as the Sprint Epic 4G Touch, the processor though is a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon instead of the 1.2Ghz Exynos in the other devices. You do have to pay more for the extras though, since this one is $229 (after a $50 mail in rebate) and the Hercules will  be launched on 12th October whereas the Sprint and AT&T devices are available now.

To wrap it up, you have the Sprint Epic 4G Touch (4.52" screen, $199), the AT&T Galaxy S2 ($199) and the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 ($229, 4.52" screen, 1.5Ghz Snapdragon) to choose from.  As for Verizon Wireless, they won't be offering the Galaxy S2 so you are limited to these three for now.

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