Consumer Reports Rates the Galaxy S10 Plus as the Best Smartphone in Its Ratings – Here Are Its Top Selling Points


It seems that the Galaxy S10 series is going places, as recently industry watchers said that they expect 60 million units of the phone to sell this year and now the Consumer Reports magazine has named the Galaxy S10 Plus the best smartphone on the market right now. There were several advantages that Consumer Reports noted that made them pick the Galaxy S10 Plus and here they are.

Thanks to Its Bigger Battery, Larger Display, and Excellent Cameras, the Galaxy S10 Plus Has Been Named the Best Smartphone by Consumer Reports

When the Samsung Galaxy S9 was released, it was considered a marginal upgrade over its predecessor and perhaps that is one reason why the phone failed to perform as expected. This setback might have sent Samsung, its phone designers, and engineers into overdrive and it packed in almost all the features that you would expect on a worthy 2019 flagship.

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Consumer Reports has praised numerous things about the Galaxy S10 Plus which helped it claim the top spot. First off, the magazine says that the Galaxy S10 Plus has the longest battery life of any phone they have tested, logging in 39.5 hours, which is 8 hours more than what the previous category-topper, the Galaxy Note 9 achieved. To recap, the Galaxy S10 Plus has a decent 4100mAh battery which has further been optimized by the 7nm FinFET Snapdragon 855 chipset.

Similarly, the triple rear camera system of the phone has also been called excellent, although the report says that the dual selfie cameras could have been better. However, DxOMark awarded the Galaxy S10 Plus with a high score for its dual selfie shooters, but Consumer Reports says that the front cameras do not do as well on bokeh images as competing products.

Furthermore, the report also says that despite being a looker, the Galaxy S10 Plus is very durable as it passed all the durability tests. The phone was dropped 100 times from different angles and managed to come out unscathed. This is great news for people buying the flagship, as screen repairs could be very costly. In addition to that, the phone also passed the water immersion test.

Lastly, the report also praises the bigger 6.4-inch display, the in-display fingerprint scanner, and the reverse wireless charging technology of the phone, although it has been called a little slow. Overall, the Galaxy S10 Plus has been named as the best phone on the market right now by the popular magazine and this can surely help boost its sales in the U.S.

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News Source: Consumer Reports