Galaxy S10 Projected Sales Figure Show the Lineup May Become the Success Story Samsung Was Hoping For

Galaxy S10

Samsung recently released its Galaxy S10 series, which is a huge improvement over the Galaxy S9 lineup, in both design, performance, and camera capabilities. Apparently, the inclusion of upgrades has started to pay off, as analysts believe that the tenth-anniversary flagship series can easily leave the Galaxy S9 behind in terms of sales and help the South Korean giant boost its sales momentum.

Analysts Believe That Samsung Will Be Able to Sell 60 Million Units of the Galaxy S10 Series This Year

Last year, Samsung saw its smartphone shipments decline, primarily because of the Galaxy S9 which was blamed by many for the downward trajectory of the company’ mobile division. However, analysts believe that the Galaxy S10 series will hit the 60 million mark by the end of 2019, which would be a double-digit improvement over its predecessor. Samsung’s Taiwan’s supply chain partners seem to be even more optimistic, as they believe that 60 million shipments could be a low estimate.

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The success of the Galaxy S10 series can be attributed to the fact that it comes with many new and innovative features such as in-display fingerprint reader, Time-of-Flight sensor and up to four rear cameras (for the Galaxy S10 5G). Analysts also believe that in addition to selling more flagships this year, Samsung will enjoy huge profit margins on them. Next month, the company is also going to release its Galaxy Fold, which will start at $1,980 in the U.S. This could further help the company consolidate its position in the market as there are only a couple of manufacturers out there who have revealed their folding handsets so far.

Furthermore, Samsung has also expanded its mid-range portfolio recently, perhaps in a bid to recapture some market share from Chinese players such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Vivo, which have been doing well with premium handsets being sold at competitive prices. The company had previously announced that it would be introducing new features on its mid-range handsets first and this can help them compete with rivals who have found success by improving their value proposition.

For now, it seems like Samsung has covered all its bases and until competitors, especially Huawei, significantly up their game, it could be a little difficult to dethrone the company as the number one smartphone maker in the world. We’ll also have to see the level of improvements incorporated in the Galaxy Note 10, which is said to feature a ‘buttonless’ design and four rear cameras.

News Source: DigiTimes

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