Crown Or Crown UX? The Galaxy Note 9 Will Feature Impressive UX Design And Interactive Experience But Take It Slow On Hardware Upgrades Claims Source

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Galaxy Note 9 Screen Size to Come in at 6.4 Inches With Thankfully a Much Larger Battery, According to Latest Rumor

Over the course of this week, Chinese tipster Ice Universe has shared several alleged details for Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 on his Twitter and Weibo. He started out with an optimistic outlook for the Galaxy Note 9 but has changed his views over the past couple of days. Since Samsung's Galaxy S9/S9+ are old news by now, the company's fans have only one major flagship device to look forward to. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 just might not be worth the hype. Take a look below for more details.

More Reports From The Same Source Claim That Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 Will Only Be A Cosmetic Upgrade Over Its Predecessor As Korean Tech Giant Will Slightly Decrease The Device's Dimensions

It's been a good week for Samsung's Galaxy Note 9. Ice Universe got the ball rolling with a rather diverse list of alleged specifications for the phablet. These followed in line with earlier claims from different sources that Samsung will introduce virtual fingerprint sensing on its favorite mobile gadget.

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However, while such claims do make for good headlines, they're nothing more than empty air most of the time. The same trend looks to continue on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Ice Universe is back today and he's following up with his earlier leaks for the upcoming phablet.

A while back the tipster shared an alleged render of the Galaxy Note 9 with the claim that this year's upgrade will not differ much over its predecessors. He's back today, with a similar claim. According to Ice Universe, while the Note 9 is 2mm shorter than the Note 8, it's hard to distinguish between the devices with just a cursory glance.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Not Feature Virtual Or 3D Facial Scanning - Samsung Will Choose To Focus On Software Based Upgrades This Year Claims Tipster

Ice Universe also makes some additional claims for the Galaxy Note 9 today. According to the tipster, while Samsung will take it easy on hardware-based changes this year, the company will instead focus on software upgrades on the phablet - on what he terms 'Crown UX'. However, there's some bad news for folks looking forward to the virtual fingerprint display on the Galaxy Note 9.

While we've known for a while that Samsung's upcoming phablet will not feature 3D facial recognition due to the tech's reliance on Qualcomm's processor, Ice Universe bears some foreboding news for virtual fingerprint recognition as well. According to him, the Note 9 will not come with either of the features.

Keep in mind that these reports stand in direct contradiction of what the same source reported just a week back. They're big claims, so we'll wait for other sources to corroborate these details before taking them as set in stone. That being said, this information does fall in line with reports that surfaced earlier this year and information out of the supply chain. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: Ice Universe

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