Samsung Galaxy S III rumored to have entered carrier testing in Korea

Ammar Malik

Another day, another Galaxy S III rumor. There really isn't must left to be said about the device that hasn't been said before. The last we saw regarding this phone was a leaked picture along with some specs. Unfortunately this latest rumor doesn't add a whole lot to that list, but it does confirm one thing. Galaxy S III will come with a 4.7-4.8" Super AMOLED HD display. This is different from what we have in the Galaxy Nexus. Instead of the dreaded pentile matrix, the HD version of SAMOLED uses regular RGB matrix just like Samsung uses it in Galaxy S II.

The phone is also said to have entered carrier testing in Samsung's home country of Korea. Carrier testing can take around a month or two. Previous rumored release dates pointed towards a April launch, however right now that seems unlikely. At the earliest we're looking at a May launch.

Galaxy S III is suppose to have the absolute cutting edge technology when it comes to smartphones, however with the release of One X from HTC, that sheen may well be toned down a bit at launch. That being said we are talking about Samsung. If they're taking their sweet time, rest assured we'll end up with a smartphone that will put the rest to shame; or at least that's what we hope would be the case.

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