Samsung Executive Sends Out Cautionary Message to Employees From Making Quality-Compromised Products


Even giants like Samsung can sometimes falter when delivering a quality product to the masses, for which they would end up losing billions of dollars in market value. Case in point would be the Galaxy Note 7, and since Samsung is the largest Android OEM in the world, it was poised to lose a lot of money for the Note 7 recall. Instead of casually having to jump over hurdles, Samsung had to climb mountains to protect the reputation of its smartphone business and now the company’s CEO has issued a message, prompting that products should not be compromised on quality anymore.

Samsung Electronics CEO States That Manufacturing Processes and Safety Procedures Must Improve to Ensure Compromise-Free Products

According to sources close to the matter, Samsung Electronics CEO Kwon Oh-hyun has reminded employees that the company should not compromise on product quality under any circumstances. While the Galaxy Note 7 became the hot topic for breaking the news as a daily occurrence, Samsung’s washing machines also displayed a volatile nature, thus the message being delivered to the company’s employees. With CES 2017 officially kicking off in a few days, Samsung is most likely going to be making a few announcements there, but we believe that the company’s crown jewel from the smartphone division is the one that it has given a ton of importance over others.

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The Galaxy S8 is said to feature a complete design overhaul and now that the company is ready to reveal its findings on why the Note 7 ended up exploding, perhaps this lesson learned can be used to a greater extent in thoroughly improving the S8 where the Note 7 failed tremendously. Internal testing of the Galaxy S8 is said to commence from this month, giving Samsung sufficient time in preparing a quality product, which is said to be announced during the month of April.

Though there’s a chance that Samsung will most likely miss the MWC 2017 trade show as the platform for the Galaxy S8 announcement, it wants to check all boxes in order to prevent a re-run of the Galaxy Note 7.