Gao Dongzhen, Samsung Mobile Chief Issues Blanket Ban For Galaxy S8 Leaks


The rumor mill looks to have become a permanent part of the smartphone industry. Flagship devices in particular consistently see their specifications and features surface months before launch dates. Whether it's the iPhone, Google's Pixel/Nexus devices or one of the Android world's many flagships, the trend remains the same. The Galaxy S8 in particular has seen an accelerated trend for this phenomenon when compared to its predecessors. Now, after some major features of the devices have seemingly surfaced, Samsung's looking to take rectifying measures.

Samsung's Mobile Chief Gao Dongzhen Instructs Employees To Stay Tight Lipped On Galaxy S8 At All Costs

Part of what made smartphone launches great in the past was the suspense. Users and industry watchers alike waited for a complete year to witness innovative upgrades for their device. It's a phenomenon which Apple in particular has capitalized for its iPhone launches by quite a bit. These days however, particularly if you're a reporter, the surprise surrounding upcoming launches has narrowed down to a couple of features that manage to slip our eyes prior to launches.

With the Galaxy S8, apart from the usual suspects, even Samsung officials have commented on what to expect from the device. Following the fallout from the Note 7's launch, the Korean tech giant is eager to make to a strong start for 2017. However, if the leaks continue to take place the way they've been doing so over the past couple of months, there won't be much of a launch for us to witness. To that end, Samsung's Eastern mobile chief, Gao Dongzhen has issued strict instructions to employees.


After the Note 7 disaster, Mr. Dongzhen is under a lot of pressure to deliver with the Galaxy S8. He's made a lot of statements apologizing to users and promising to impartially discover what went wrong on the device. Now, with the Galaxy S8, he's issued a blanket ban on employees towards leaking any sort of information for the device. While it'll harm our pre-device coverage, it'll also lead towards a nice buildup for the launch of the S8, due next year.

It also means that you'll have to take any information that surfaces about the device with more salt than usual. While we're sure that Mr. Dongzhen's instruction won't stop leaks completely, a decrease in the amount of information available will nevertheless proceed. All we're hoping for is some visual information on the Galaxy S8. There's been a lot of talk about features yet no information to visually back an edge to edge screen, an iris scanner or a virtual home button is available. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.