Would You Spend the Extra Money to Get the Samsung DeX Dock for Your Galaxy S8? [Poll]

Samsung DeX Dock purchase

A previous leak detailed the price of the DeX dock at around $160, and needless to say that this revelation will surprise you. Simply stated, you might end up paying nearly a $1,000 for the Galaxy S8 and if you want to purchase the Galaxy S8 Plus, then just add a $100 premium or more to get started. This is not the most practical approach in terms of pricing, and we personally feel that the accessory should have been bundled with both devices when they start getting sold. Regardless, would you purchase one if you want to transform your existing setup into a Continuum workspace?

Galaxy S8 Paired With the DeX Dock Has Several Advantages Thanks to its Extensive App Library and Powerful Hardware

The HP Elite X3 is a great example of how a smartphone is capable of switching the entire contents on its near-6-inch frame to a massive monitor for a near and clutter-less desktop alternative. The Desk Dock is the name of that accessory that grants the smartphone such an ability, and the powerful hardware tucked inside allows you to carry out your basic tasks ranging from word processing and internet browsing quite comfortably. Bear in mind that the platform you are able to see on the larger display is Windows 10 Mobile, not the actual desktop version of Windows 10, so similarly, there is also going to be a vast difference should you purchase the DeX dock with your Galaxy S8.

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The advantage of purchasing the Galaxy S8 is that it features a plethora of applications that are categorized under office and entertainment apps, so there is no shortage of not being able to tackle work-related tasks or enjoy a movie on a bigger display. We are not sure if you will be able to immerse yourself in Android-based games on the larger display, but that will definitely be a treat to watch.

What we like about this approach is that the Galaxy S8 paired with the DeX dock and existing display will take up a negligible amount of space on your desktop as opposed to an actual desktop or laptop configuration. In addition, you can seamlessly detach your smartphone at will when you are heading out and resume whatever task you left behind by hooking up the phone again.

This will definitely be useful when users want to extend the display of the smartphone or if they want to have a secondary but small workspace using this approach. However, those who are actually in possession of a desktop configuration or laptop equivalent might not find a significant use for the flagship’s accessory so that might have pushed Samsung into charging a premium for DeX dock.

As a personal preference, had I not possessed an existing desktop setup, I would definitely go for this. Sure, keyboard shortcuts would definitely be different as opposed to Windows 10. Those who are hoping that this is a Windows 10 desktop replacement; it is not. There are a myriad number of things that you can carry out on Microsoft’s desktop platform that you cannot do on Android, but for enterprises as well as consumers who want a small, seamless and effective alternative to finish their work or entertain themselves, the DeX dock will be the perfect accessory for you.

Would you purchase the DeX dock alongside your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus? Let us know your thoughts right away.

Would You Spend the Extra Money to Get the Samsung DeX Dock for Your Galaxy S8? [Poll]
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