Samsung Reportedly Making an AR Headset for the Metaverse to Compete Against Apple, Google

Omar Sohail
Samsung Reportedly Making an AR Headset for the Metaverse to Compete Against Apple, Google

Where Apple has been all over the rumor mill, developing its AR headset to enter the metaverse, there was little development from Samsung’s side. Fortunately, a company executive has hinted about making a device that would be compatible with the metaverse.

Samsung’s Previous Attempt to Release a Headset Was Three Years Ago

During his visit to Samsung’s Mobile World Congress 2022 exhibition booth on Monday, company CEO Han Jong-hee has hinted at a comeback towards launching an extended reality headset that would be compatible with the metaverse platform. According to The Investor, Han said the following.

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“(Metaverse-related devices) are now the talk of the town, so we have buckled down to a task to cope with the trend. It won’t take too long. We are striving for perfection as we gear up for the launch.”

While there is no word on when Samsung’s unnamed AR headset would materialize, it has been three years since the Korean giant introduced a head-mounted wearable. The company’s earlier efforts were launching products that come under the Odyssey and Gear VR brands, and that was before the term ‘metaverse’ was prattled by the technology media. Samsung has previously been criticized for not doing enough in the AR headset category as compared to Apple.

Instead, Samsung has placed more resources and effort on foldable smartphones, whereas even Google has been rumored to be working on an AR headset. The company still has a lifeline in catching up to its competitors. From the looks of it, developing a mixed reality headset is far from easy, with Apple said to have pushed back the release of its AR headset by 2023 due to overheating and software issues.

Google’s version of the same device is not expected until 2024, so if Samsung jumps on the opportunity quickly, it can develop a product that matches the feature set of what its competitors bringing to the table. Samsung’s AR headset may sport the ‘Galaxy’ branding and help to link the company’s lineup of smartphones and tablets as the firm begins its maiden voyage into the metaverse.

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News Source: The Investor

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