Samsung Comes After iPhone 14 Once Again With the New Galaxy Z Flip 4 Ad

Samsung Comes After iPhone 14 Once Again with the New Galaxy Z Flip 4 Ad

Samsung recently decided to fire shots at Apple ahead of the official launch; the ad in question showcased the unique features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Flip 4. It even said, "This innovation is not coming to an iPhone near you." Now, Samsung has returned once again with a new ad that has decided to fire shots at the iPhone 14.

Despite iPhone 14 Being Amazing, Samsung Still Wants You to Buy a Foldable

The latest ad titled Samsung Galaxy: Join the flip side shows a character named Elena who is desperately trying to forget her friend's Galaxy Z Flip 4, which “literally folds in half.” Right at the beginning, she says, “I would never switch to Samsung. I love my phone.” And it does not take a genius to guess which phone she owns in the ad advertisement.

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The ad then moves forward and shows us how Elena keeps thinking about the clamshell design of the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Towards the end of the ad, she was up from her dream and ordered the Galaxy Z Flip 4 straight away from her iPhone.

This tongue-in-cheek humor is classic Samsung, and while it might seem like a desperate attempt, many are aware of the situation that Samsung is leading in the smartphone market when it comes to innovation.

Sure, the new iPhones are excellent at what they do, but hey! they do not fold or flip, and that is the reason why Samsung wants you to switch.

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