Samsung Doesn’t Have a Shipping Date for Galaxy Fold; Will Cancel Orders Depending on Customers’ Choice

Samsung cancel Galaxy Fold orders no shipping date

Samsung had earlier said that it will announce a new launch date for the Galaxy Fold but it seems like the company still hasn’t been able to fix the underlying issues and might delay the release of the phone indefinitely. In a recently sent email to the customers in the U.S. who had pre-ordered the device, the South Korean behemoth apologized for the uncertainty.

Samsung Says if the Galaxy Fold Isn’t Shipped by May 31, or if Customers Do Not Respond, the Order Will Be Canceled Automatically

By following this measure, Samsung is apparently abiding by the U.S. laws, which require companies to notify consumers about pre-order cancellations if they aren’t shipped by a specified date. Samsung recalled the Galaxy Fold review units after numerous media publications highlighted issues with them. The company says that it is trying to fix those issues but it seems as if no significant progress has been made, which explains why the company has been unable to share a new ship date.

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Acknowledging the current problems with the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has allowed customers to cancel their orders before May 31, after which all orders will be canceled automatically. However, for those who still want to get their hands on the device, the wait could be rather long.

From the get-go, Samsung didn’t appear very confident about the Galaxy Fold. When it unveiled the device, no member of the press was given a chance to try it out. Later on, various reports claimed that there could be a crease running down the middle of the internal display of the Galaxy Fold. While the crease is certainly there, it is the least bothersome aspect of the phone right now as screen failures have taken the center stage.

Although the Galaxy Fold wasn’t expected to make a considerable contribution to Samsung’s bottom line, the whole fiasco is something of a PR nightmare and given the current circumstances, it doesn’t seem like the phone will be shipped anytime soon. Given that this would be the first iteration of foldable smartphones, we anticipated that there would be some roadblocks.

However, after years of testing numerous prototypes have brought us to this point, it is safe to say that we’re still a few iterations away from manufacturers perfecting this form factor and possibly making it cheaper down the road. Even Huawei’s Mate X has its flaws and we’ll have to see what those are when commercial units start shipping later this year.

As a conclusion, do you think Samsung should proceed with a shipping date for the Galaxy Fold or cancel the product outright? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Reuters

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