Samsung Launches ‘Bixby Early Access Program’ for Galaxy S8 and S8+ Users in the US

Zara Ali
Samsung Bixby

Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 and S8+ without the fully functioning Bixby assistant on them. And the maker still has not set a timeline for the proper rollout of the voice-activated assistant that rivals the likes of Siri and Cortana, exclusively on Samsung phones. Today, the company has launched an early access program for Bixby dubbed "Bixby Early Access Program" for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ users in the US.

If you happen to be an S8/S8+ in the US, who is willing to try out the voice assistant Bixby, can go ahead and sign up for the early access program. It is a beta program to test out Bixby's functionality before going ahead with the full-fledged public launch. To enroll in the program, click on this link - agree to the Terms and Conditions and then enter your Samsung Account email address.

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Samsung will be launching the first preview test "in the near future," which means that for now you just have to register and wait for Samsung to inform you about the first preview.

The company is yet to come up with an explanation for the delay in Bixby's launch in the US. Many past reports claim that Bixby is apparently facing issues in the English language detection, which includes trouble in understanding English Grammar and Syntax. In that case, we think that this preview program could prove to be beneficial for the company as it will deal with the real users and the communication will make Bixby better at what it does. It will help Bixby in understanding English language and the dialect. With the preview program, Samsung could make Bixby perfect for the public roll out.

One of the other reasons behind the delay in Bixby’s public rollout is Samsung’s ambitious plans regarding its functionality. The company wants it to perform better than the other assistants in the market. In a statement, the company says about Bixby - "You can send texts, change your settings or make a call by simply holding down the Bixby button and speaking."

It remains to be seen how favourably Bixby Early Access Program pans out in the US.

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