Samsung Covered up the Galaxy Note7 Mess by Selling a Tremendous Amount of Phones in Just the Q4 2016 Period


The Galaxy Note7 saga was one that will probably be an indelible lesson that Samsung will never forget, but the company’s shareholders are going to be extremely pleased that the Korean giant managed to report a profit, and a hefty one at that regardless of what the situation was in 2016. This profit was due to several reasons, with one of them being able to sell an extremely large number of smartphone units, according to the latest statistics.

Samsung Reported to Sell Around 90 Million Smartphone Units for the Q4 2016 Period

One report coming out of Korea (via The Investor) states that Samsung Electronics has reported a 90 million shipment tally for the October-December period of 2016. In comparison, the company only managed to sell 8 million tablet PCs, showing how the smartphone business is definitely the bread and butter for the company.

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One Samsung official stated that in order to boost sales, the company is expected to incorporate more features, such as artificial intelligence in future mobile devices:

“The smartphone sales will reach the high 80-percent range in the first three months. We will try to have a water- and dust-resistance design, and a fingerprint scanner in the low-end and mid-range smartphones to offer a differentiated mobile experience for consumers while adding artificial intelligence to the upcoming flagship model.”

The Galaxy S8 has been rumored to come with its own virtual assistant, similar to Siri present in iPhones and Google Assistant in the Pixel lineup. We have yet to see how it will function, but other manufacturers are also counting on these next-gen features to boost smartphone sales in 2017. Samsung has also invested a great deal of money in order to upgrade battery safety for future mobile devices, so unless the company overlooked something, we doubt we will see another Galaxy Note7 incident in the future, at least from Samsung.