Samsung Expects 6G to Commercialize by 2028, and Go Mainstream by 2030, Delivering Peak 1,000Gbps Speeds

Samsung Expects 6G to Commercialize by 2028, and Go Mainstream by 2030

A lot of countries have started rolling out 5G networks but it will still take a few years before this connectivity standard goes mainstream worldwide. Samsung believes that there should be a roadmap ahead of 5G as well, because the Korean giant has begun research into 6G connectivity, and has shared details regarding its vision for the new standard.

6G Rollout Is Expected to Deliver Sufficient Throughput to Enable 16K VR Content Streaming

Samsung believes that where 5G can deliver a 20Gbps peak data rate, 6G should be able to achieve 1,000Gbps of peak data rate, and a user experienced data rate of 1Gbps. The Korean giant also believes that user-experienced latency could drop to under 10 milliseconds, while air latency of less than 100 microseconds will be achievable. This will make remote operations far more reliable and less complicated such as remote surgery, emergency responses, and more.

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Samsung also thinks that the arrival of 6G connectivity will help take content consumption to newer resolutions. Streaming AR to an 8K display currently requires 55.3Mbps, while a proper immersive experience requires 0.44Gbps of bandwidth. 6G will help strengthen the foundations of 16K AR streaming since it requires 0.9Gbps of downlink speeds, which is far above what the 5G standard is capable of achieving.

While the possibilities are endless, let us take ourselves out from this little fantasy and admit that 6G rollout is still years away, but it won’t be long before it eventually commercializes, at least according to Samsung, as the company claims that work is said to start from 2021.

“For 6G, we expect ITU-R will begin their work to define a 6G vision in 2021. Taking into account the trend of speeding up of development of technical standards for each new generation, we expect that the completion of the 6G standard and its earliest commercialization could happen as early as 2028, while massive commercialization may occur around 2030.”

If you wish to take a look at additional details present in the white paper, you can click here to find out more, or follow us for more details in the future.

News Source: Samsung Newsroom

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