Samsung Reportedly Going Beyond the 108MP Resolution Barrier; Tipped to Release 144MP Sensor in the Future

Samsung Tipped to Release 144MP Camera Sensors in Near Future

Cameras can be game-changers when it comes to smartphones, and that’s why they are one of the highly advertised features for a lot of companies. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Fold’s successor are believed to come with the company’s 108MP sensor. This will be a major jump from the 12MP sensors that Samsung’s current high-end phones feature, but it doesn’t look like the company is putting the breaks on its progress anytime soon. A tipster has reason to believe that Samsung might launch a 144MP sensor in the future.

Galaxy S11 Not Expected to Sport Samsung’s Unannounced 144MP Sensor

Want to guess who that tipster is? None other than Ice Universe, who now claims that the South Korean giant is planning to develop 144MP sensors using a 14nm process. As the leakster notes, right now the pixel count ranges from around 10MP to nearly 100MP. However, for achieving a pixel density greater than 100MP, the 14nm process will be required.

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Additionally, using the 14nm FinFET process will also result in reduced power consumption. This can allow OEMs to improve the pixel count of their devices without delivering a negative effect on battery life and without unnecessarily increasing the battery’s capacity, though it’s something a lot of customers would love seeing in future devices. More pixels usually require more time for data processing and this can shorten battery life. Looking at the accompanying images, it seems that power saving would be huge or somewhere around 42 percent.

Other details remain sparse and Samsung hasn’t officially mentioned a 144MP sensor yet. However, during IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) that took last week, the company did talk about optimizing the 14nm FinFET process for imaging applications.

Of course, whether smartphones really need so many pixels is debatable. As the likes of the iPhone 11 Pro, Pixel 4, and even Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 10 Plus have shown us, the amount of pixels isn’t necessarily the deciding factor when it comes to smartphone photography. Other things such as image processing, lens quality, and reliable computational techniques are equally important.

So, while we don’t know for sure if and when Samsung will launch a phone with a 144MP camera, we are certainly looking forward to the Galaxy S11 to find out if a 108MP sensor will help it beat competing devices in 2020. Then again, it’s always refreshing to see what advancements such companies are coming up with.

News Source: Ice Universe

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