Samsing Hercules coming to T-mobile as a variant of the SGSII

Syavash Pahore

Previously it was revealed in Toronto that the Samsung Hercules will be coming to Canada through Telus. Now the 4.5" smartphone is coming to T-Mobile aswell but its branded as a Galaxy SII which means this is a variant of the SGSII and not an all new smartphone.As revealed earlier the smartphone has a 1.Ghz Dual core processor, 8MP camera that can shoot 1080p, a 4.5" screen and a 4MBPS HSPA+ radio.

More proof on the backside that the Hercules is indeed a SGSII variant coming to T-Mobile (and Telus aswell). Check out the pictures below for a frontal view. USA and Canadian users are definitely getting a treat with the enhanced version of an already great smartphone.

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