Samsing Hercules coming to T-mobile as a variant of the SGSII

Aug 8, 2011

Previously it was revealed in Toronto that the Samsung Hercules will be coming to Canada through Telus. Now the 4.5″ smartphone is coming to T-Mobile aswell but its branded as a Galaxy SII which means this is a variant of the SGSII and not an all new smartphone.As revealed earlier the smartphone has a 1.Ghz Dual core processor, 8MP camera that can shoot 1080p, a 4.5″ screen and a 4MBPS HSPA+ radio.

More proof on the backside that the Hercules is indeed a SGSII variant coming to T-Mobile (and Telus aswell). Check out the pictures below for a frontal view. USA and Canadian users are definitely getting a treat with the enhanced version of an already great smartphone.