A Sample of 3DMark 2011 in 1080p

Rizwan Anwer

3D Mark 2011 will be a full Direct-x 11 benchmark, as many hardcore pc enthusiasts may know 3D Mark is a great way of comparing systems it's basically "my car is bigger and better than your car" except it's not cars your comparing but your $1000+ PC. 3D Mark Vantage was simply amazing and had mind blowing visuals it was hard to believe that such textures can be put in a simple benchmark and not in a game.

Here is a 1080p recording of what to expect in 3D Mark 2011, the benchmark is called "Deep Sea" and obviously as you can see it's based underwater where you are shown textures of submarines, rocks and the ocean floor over all the visuals look STUNNING and i am pretty sure it will look more or less the same or even better in its final release. Futuremark has once again out done themselves and even though this isn't a game I can't wait to see this thing running on Direct-X 11 capable systems.

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