Futuremark Announces The 3DMark Sky Diver – Benchmarking Now Possible for All Hardware Types

Ramish Zafar

Finland based software development company, Futuremark has announced today that it will add a new DirectX11 benchmark test to all versions of 3DMark for free. The company is well known for its benchmarking applications for home and business users. Some of it's popular PC benchmarks and tests include the 3DMark, PCMark, Peacekeeper and Powermark. Its latest edition to the 3DMark is called the Sky Diver. It is aimed at 'gaming laptops and mid-range PCs'. Describing the 3DMark Sky Diver, Jukka Makinen, Futuremark CEO said, "Some people think that 3DMark is only for high-end hardware and extreme overclocking. Yet millions of PC gamers rely on 3DMark to choose systems that best balance performance, efficiency and affordability. 3DMark Sky Diver complements our other tests by providing the ideal benchmark for gaming laptops and mainstream PCs."

Preview trailer for 3DMark SkyDiver Comes With Amazing Visuals. Scene of a Wingsuited Skydiving Woman Shows Amazing Depth and Detail.

The 3DMark Sky Diver will emulate gaming experiences based more closely to DirectX11 games played at normal settings. This makes it ideal for benchmarking for entry level to mid-range gaming systems. This is in sharp contrast to 'Fire Strike' benchmarking which resembles gaming on ultra high settings more. The trailer and visuals show rather breathtaking scenes. The trailer shows a wingsuited woman skydiving into mysterious mountains. The scene is brought to life with tessellation, particles and advanced post-processing effects. With the addition of Sky Diver, and the presence of Fire Strike, 3DMark can now benchmark all types of hardware - both mid range and high performance.

With the addition of Sky Diver, 3DMark now becomes the only benchmarking software which covers all classes of hardware ranked according to performance. 3DMark now comprises of four different utilities. On the top of the list is Fire Strike, which covers high performance gaming PCs with DirectX 11 and Feature level 11. Number two is the latest 3DMark Sky Diver, which is intended for gaming laptops and mid range PCs with DirectX 11 and Feature level 11. Third is Cloud Gate, covering notebooks and everyday use home PCs with DirectX11 and Feature level 10. And finally, at the end of the list is Ice Storm intended for tablets and entry level PCs with DirectX11 and Feature level 9. 3DMark Sky Diver will shown in full at Computex. The benchmark is currently in final testing phases. A release date will also be announced at Computex. 3DMark Sky Diver will be available for display at the booths of ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Galaxy, Inno3D and G-Skill. For updates related to the 3DMark Sky Diver, keep on checking Futuremark's website: http://www.futuremark.com/3dmark


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