Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter 50% Off Sale and Free Multiplayer Weekend starts Tommorow.

Hassan Mujtaba

Every gamer must know about Serious Sam, The Though guy who killed hordes of enemies and monsters. The HD Remake of the First Encounter of Serious Sam series was released a while back and now the Second Encounter HD is out, and that too 50% off, Thanks to Steam.

Steam and Publisher of the game "Devolver Digitals" have patched up and are giving away the HD remake of the Second Encounter for $9.99 (50% off down from $19.99) till Sunday off steam.

And those who haven't played the game before or want to try it out before buying can play the free Co-Op Campaign, Deathmatch, Etc on the PC this weekend and who doesn't loves to blast away tons of enemies.

You can check out the images below to see how good the game looks visually:


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