Sail Across a Quantum Ocean in ‘Anchors in the Drift’ From the Scribblenauts Dev


Anchors in the Drift is the new ARPG that was just announced by 5th Cell, the makers of the iconic Scribblenauts franchise. This is also being launched on Fig, which is a gaming focused crowd-funding website.

Sail the quantum sea, liberating humanity from aliens, and a temporal hell in Anchors in the Drift.

Currently they're in pre-alpha and are working hard at making something different, yet not so out of bounds that it alienates the typical ARPG fan. The key here that they want to emphasize, is customization.

Anchors in the Drift is taking a different approach to the typical ARPG flair. This free-to-play game lets you customize your own abilities in a deeper manner by using collectible cards known as Arc Mods. You'll need to power up those abilities in order to even think about taking on the dynamic enemies from the Domain, who have invaded earth and collapsed space-time.

In the quantum adventure of Anchors in the Drift you're an Anchor, or a hero that's setting out to help free the disparate and separate lands that are adrift within a quantum sea. These Remnants of civilization are in need of liberation, and it's up to you to customize your character to do so.