Rumors Suggest Apple Will Be Releasing iOS 8.1.3 Update Next Week

According to BGR, Apple is said to release their iOS update next week, however its still not decided if the update is a beta version or the general public release.  Several sources have anticipated that judging by the iOS 8.1.3 users which are increasing in number, Apple may release its update the following week. This traffic shift to iOS 8.1.3, the numbers themselves are a witness to the update for the same trend can also be seen in the past.

ios-8-logoMinor iOS 8.1.3 Update To Hit Users As Soon As Next Week

These hits of iOS 8.1.3 are not new but have been seen in December as well. According to MacRumors, the increase in iOS 8.1.3 users is due to the fact that Apple has seeded its update to recruit retail workers for testing. This is the reason Apple is seeing hits on their update not only from the inside but outside Apple’s offices too. Apple acknowledged recently that the internal testing will be widened to select retail employees.

8_1_3_jan_visitsSince iOS 8.1.3 is a minor update, we can say that it will follow up the trend to fix some bug fixes and minor improvements, however we can not be too sure about it. It can be speculated that Apple will fix the parts which were used for the TaiG jailbreak so they can stay ahead in the game. If we look back a little the iOS 8.1.2, it included bug fixes and emphasized on the dilemma where ringtones purchased from iTunes have disappeared or gone missing.

iOS 8.2 is also under research and development process and developers are seeded with three beta versions . This update would have a Watchkit SDK developed for the Apple Watch. Hence we can conclude that the Apple Watch and iOS 8.2 will both be launched together. Rumors has it that Apple Watch will start selling in March. So that's all that we have so far on the next iOS update. We'll keep you in the loop as this develops.

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