RUMOR: Wolfenstein New Order AI Dumber Than Alien: Colonial Marines AI?

While making my usual rounds on the internet and taking my break from studying, My friend linked me a video on facebook and asked me if it was authentic. The video showed Wolfenstein New Order and some absolutely retarded AI. Friend at the time told me he downloaded this from an unlisted YouTube video and the description said that this was the PS4 version and was on the "Bring 'em" difficulty which is the normal difficulty level.

If the AI Is really this dumb, could this be the easiest platinum in an FPS in the history of PlayStation gaming?

Woflenstein New Order is a game that is probably on the radar of many FPS enthusiasts who are tired of regenerating health and jelly filled screens of the modern day shooters, but it appears that the AI might just beat Alien: Colonial Marines.

Wolfenstein New Order AI being this ... easy could make me lose hope in gaming.

There could be a number of reasons for this. Someone with a dev kit PS4 is messing with the AI and getting a few kicks out of it, the game might not have the generously made a day one 5GB patch applied to it or any other reason. Considering that this is published by Bethesda, they also made Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the entire game will unite in crucifying you for killing a chicken ... So I am highly skeptical that the AI can ACTUALLY be this dumb. Then again, remember when we brushed off Colonial Marines? If Wolfenstein New Order AI is actually anything like it is in the video then I suggest you wait for the game to hit the bargain bin.

Now once again, I would like to emphasize that this video in no way can currently confirm nor deny the existence of the AI actually being this easy unless some proper context is provided. I am reserving judgement until I actually see this in the final product with the patch applied, even though the video itself is pretty convincing I would still like to give this game the benefit of the doubt.

I for one am hoping that the game isn't like this, Even Call of Duty: Ghosts on Normal is more challenging than this and for this kind of AI to be present in a Wolfenstein game would be an utter disgrace to the series.

There are many games out there with this kind of AI present, With Alien: Colonial Marines being the current record holder, remember the infamous gif that gained notoriety for the laughable passing by the player with a flash light in their eye?

acmYeah, this GIF ... so as you can see, if Wolfenstein does become the next game in the ring of games shipped with broken AI's then you can expect the game go through a similar treatment and see Alien: Colonial Marines dethroned from this embarrassing title with Wolfenstein taking its stead.

Once again, I encourage you all to take this news with an open mind. Take it as a rumor but at the same time be cautious and wait for the the game to release before putting this on your shelf.

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