Rumor Roundup: Apple’s iPad Air 2 And What We Know So Far About The Flagship Tablet

As we know, September is approaching and with it we can expect to see Apple's this year's lineup of products. According to those working at the company, it might be the company's most exciting product lineup up to date. With it, we can also expect the next model of Apple's flagship iPad Air. The iPad Air 2 is to be Apple's sixth generation tablet, and with it we can expect several changes and upgrades from the previous versions. We've seen several rumors related to the iPad Air 2 over the past few weeks and months and now, in this post lets see what can be expected from the next iPad Air, based on all of them.

Starting from the initial leaks of the device, we first received images what claimed to show the front panel of the upcoming device. These showed that the display of the devices was to be integrated with the front panel. This would result in a much slimmer device than before, but will drive up the repair costs of the device. Apart from the thinner design, several reports have also surfaced which tell us that a Touch ID Sensor will be included in the upcoming device. In addition to the Touch ID sensor, several other features for the upcoming device has also been speculated. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Analyst at KGI Securities, the next-generation iPad Air is to feature an 8 MP camera, an A8 processor in addition to a Touch ID sensor.

Another image was received courtesy of In the image received, the iPad Mini 3, the iPhone 6 and the iPad Air 2 were shown stacked together. The image however failed to reveal much about the iPad Air 2, apart from confirming previous speculation that a Touch ID sensor was to be included with the device. The inclusion of a Touch ID sensor is of course the next logical step for Apple to take for it's flagship tablet. Later rumors and speculations hinted towards a single line of speakers on the device. This is of course due to the thinner form factor of the iPad Air 2. Also, front facing speakers were ruled out. But as we know, these are nothing but speculations, and what is under the hood at Cupertino can only be guessed at.

All iPad related rumors were put to rest however by a MAJOR leak by the Japanese. Japanese site published a wide range of pictures which ended up covering almost every end of the iPad Air 2. Given that these pictures actually are of the upcoming device, they end up confirming previous speculations of the Touch ID sensor and a single line of speakers on the device.

ASCII.JP Leak Ends Up Further Confirming the Touch ID Sensor on The iPad Air 2 As Shown In The Above Image.

Device To Also Be Considerably Thinner When Compared To Previous Models.

Also To Not Feature A Slide Switch.

Presence Of Single Line Speakers Also Backed Up

Apple Logo Also Missing On The iPad Air 2.

Based on all these rumors and speculations, we can come to the conclusion that indeed the iPad Air 2 will be thinner than its predecessors. It will feature a Touch ID sensor as well, which will end up making a lot of people happy. Minor changes such as the absence of a slide switch and the presence of single line of speakers also seem to be credible at the moment. All of these are further backed by a series of images courtesy of, who posted images similar to those uploaded by the Japanese site. In addition to these upgrades, the iPad Air 2 is also to feature an A8 processor and an 8 MP camera, giving the product a significant boost in computing and image capturing capabilities. Of course if Apple were to upgrade the processor on the iPad to a quad core processor, then this would end up providing the device a significant edge over it's competitors. Apple's current dual core processor end up beating several quad core processors on the market due to the company tightly controlling both hardware and software. Thats all that we have for you today folks. Let us know what you think in the comments area and keep on visiting to stay up to date on the iPad Air 2 and other upcoming Apple devices.



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