Rumor: Naughty Dog Would Announce A PlayStation 4 Game Tomorrow

Naughty Dog is home to the most famous PlayStation exclusives. The developer has created record-setting games for PlayStation 3, but now since the PlayStation 4 is here, players are expecting a game announcement from the developer for PlayStation 4 and it looks like things have started to unfold, Sony PlayStation Italy have teased a picture that seems to be hinting towards an upcoming Naughty Dog game announcement possibly for PlayStation 4.

Sony PlayStation Italy Teases A Possible Naughty Dog Game Announcement For January 6th

It seems like Sony Computer Entertainment Italy is teasing something on its official Facebook page. It could possibly be a Naughty Dog game announcement as the page has been updated with a new cover photo, which contains something that looks like a Dual Shock controller made of coal and a message in Italian that says “We have been naughty, and we’re proud of it. 6.01.14."

Keep in mind that in Italy, the day in date is written first and then the month comes after, which means that 06.01 is written for January 6th, not June 1st. The image has a coal shaped PlayStation 4 controller, it could be related to the tradition of giving a lump of coal to naughty children on Epiphany holiday (Holy day celebration, where kids are given gifts and candies) which happens to be exactly on January 6th. You can see a screen-cap of Sony PlayStation Italy Facebook page below

Naughty Dog has developed many AAA titles for PlayStation 3 and now it is just the right time to announce one for PlayStation 4 too, so it is possible that the tease is related to Naughty Dog game announcement, considering the word "Naughty" is specifically mentioned in the message written in Italian.

The Last Of Us is the most famous PlayStation 3 exclusive title developed by Naughty Dog and players want to see it on PlayStation 4 too, several rumors have been suggesting the port of Last Of Us to PlayStation 4, so this could probably be it. Although nothing is confirmed yet, so we cannot be completely sure about the situation, also the date (i.e. 6.01.14) mentioned on the page is tomorrow so we would soon see for ourselves for what is this all about.

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