Rumor: Halo 4 Prematurely Leaked? Picture and Videos Suggest So


Halo 4 is without a single shadow of a doubt one of the biggest XBOX 360 titles this side of 2012 and the fan anticipation for it is anything short of legendary considering all the trailers that have lead up to the current state of it. Even though the development torch has been passed on from Bungie to 343 industries it seems that Halo 4 will still be able to stand strong as a new Halo game but news has already starting appearing that Halo 4 has apparently been leaked and there were even a few YouTube videos backing up this claim but were swiftly taken down by Microsoft due to Copyright claims.


As I mentioned earlier Halo 4 is without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated AAA XBOX 360 titles releasing this quarter of 2012. With tons of build up to this moment it seems that a fan has got his hands on the game already! Now before you guys say that pre-order copies arriving in the mail early are common then please tell me which retailer ships out a game almost a month earlier than its release date? Halo 4 is due out November 6th, so this is deinitely a leaked copy for sure but the question now arises that is this leaked copy with a single individual or is it among the masses and this fellow is the only one to share his excitement?

As you can see the game indeed does appear to be "leaked" and while video evidence was present to back up his "claim" the videos were swiftly taken down by Microsoft and later on removed by the uploader. So right now this is still a rumor since there really isn't any compelling evidence to back up his claim but of course the people who actually saw the video while it was still active are more than happy to believe what they saw and believe that the video indeed seemed legitimate and that the game was indeed in the hands the uploader but I again raise the question of whether the game was leaked to a single lucky individual or was it a leak for the masses but hasn't been shared by many others?

Here is a link to the now removed "gameplay" video and Here is a link showing the disc loading of Halo 4 in process.

I hope this leak doesn't lead to spoilers being made viral on the internet as that would be truly disappointing and would definitely ruin the experience of the game fans have been long waiting for.

It appears that the leaked copy of Halo 4 has indeed been distributed to the masses as more than one XBOX live user has been spotted with Halo 4 in their play list. Look at the images below: