Rumor: Google+ “may” go public soon.


Google Plus is google's take on a social networking service to rival Facebook and they are certainly up to the job with 18million+ users in 3 weeks and the service isn't even public yet! But according to a certain Facebook page, the site will go public on 31st July. Considering its monumental growth rate even in a closed beta stage, Google Plus should definitely be a worth rival to Facebook once it goes public. I for one have high hopes for Google+

As you can see above, the service is likely to go public at the end of this month. However there may be more to it than simply going public. Google's gaming platform is likely to launch aswell simultaneously on 31st July. However this is purely speculation apart from an instance of "Gaming" being mentioned accidentally in a Help page for the site. Apart from that the chat list has also been modified according to Google:

We wanted to offer more control over who you can chat with in Google Plus. So we've made a change that requires you to explicitly invite people for them to appear in your chat list. For Gmail, orkut, and iGoogle users, we'll continue to include the people you can already chat with in those properties.

Regardless of when the Gaming platform service launches, one thing is for sure, developers will definitely prefer this over Facebook in my opinion.  Firstly, Google won't be charging developers for their games on Google's social networking site, plus the games will also be available across other Google platforms. The games will reportedly run on Google's own servers which should reduce server costs or eliminate them entirely for developers. To top it all of, Google apparently has better "Terms"  concerning game developers compared to Facebook.