RTX Remix Hacks Will Now Be Easier After NVIDIA’s Helpful Intervention on Portal RTX

Alessio Palumbo
RTX Remix

We've published multiple articles on the many RTX Remix' hacks' attempted by modders ever since the release of Portal RTX. Games like Half-Life 2, Max Payne, SWAT 4, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Battlefield 1942 all received shiny, albeit work-in-progress, showcases of the impressive remastering tool developed by NVIDIA.

However, many more just don't work. Luckily, the community effort impressed NVIDIA to the point where the latest Portal RTX update also introduced some tweaks to improve RTX Remix compatibility with other games. Tech Lead Alex Dunn shared the following message on the dedicated Discord channel:

We've just updated the live Portal with RTX build with some critical bug fixes and other minor improvements (including the much requested low and medium graphics presets).

Here at NVIDIA, we're super impressed with all the amazing work this community has been doing on RTX Remix title compatibility, and as such we decided to include some general compatibility fixes in this patch to help further this great work!!

We looked at some of the common issues the community are running into and compiled a handful of fixes we think are low risk enough to include in the Portal with RTX patch. Unfortunately this doesn't mean we've fixed every issue with general RTX Remix compatibility reported by the community. That said, we think this will help address some of the crashing and otherwise compatibility blocking issues you've discovered.

Of course, the Portal RTX update released today doesn't just improve RTX Remix compatibility with other games. The team at Lightspeed Studios also introduced several new graphical settings and optimized graphics presets, with the expectation of improved performance for most RTX GPUs. Default settings are now set to "Ultra" for RTX 40 Series GPUs, "High" for RTX 30 Series GPUs, and "Low" for RTX 20 Series GPUs. Here's the full changelog for update 1.5:

  • Fixed some issues that could cause a crash on startup
  • Improved stability for lower resolutions
  • Changed "Fullscreen" mode to non-exclusive, which will improve stability; True fullscreen exclusive mode can still be enabled in the developer settings if desired (found in the Remix graphics menu via Alt-X)
  • Added Medium and Low graphical setting presets to improve performance on lower spec GPUs. Tuned up the High setting preset to include better volumetric lighting and particle lighting.
  • Presets now influence DLSS quality level when DLSS is set to "Auto"; custom DLSS quality levels can still be set, same as before

As a reminder, RTX Remix is not officially available yet. We'll let you know as soon as NVIDIA makes it publically available.

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