Highly Anticipated Mobile Game République Coming to PC

One of the most prolific video games to ever grace mobile screens, République, is finally slated to be released on the PC on February 26th 2015. The stealth based survival horror game will debut on both GOG and Steam platforms for US $25 with a $35 deluxe edition also in tow. Instead of being a simple port from mobile to the PC platform Camouflaj, the creator, will remaster the graphics and update the game engine use Unity 5, up from the mobile versions Unity 4, to allow for increased visual fidelity for the discerning PC gamer.

République using Unity 5.

République on the Unity 5 engine Coming to PC

There are five episodes in total that comprise the République story, with three of them having been released and the other two expected with a month and a few months respectively. Both game packages for the PC will provide all five episodes in the cost with the deluxe edition adding a few great extras in the form of soundtracks and other digital media to sweeten the deal.

For those that aren't familiar with the game, it’s a third person survival based horror game set in a dystopian future whose game mechanics are reminiscent of Resident Evil. The game introduces clever and novel ways in which to interact with the protagonist to play. Instead of direct control as in so many other similar survival horror games of yore, you’re tasked with taking a backseat driving sort of role by using electronics within the game to interact with and to help Hope accomplish her goals.  You are an observer of sorts being tasked with keeping Hope safe by monitoring her phone, surveillance cameras and even doing a bit of investigative work through the files and surroundings that can be interacted with. Being that you are instead a third party observer assisting with her actions instead of directly interacting it would seem that the control scheme would be either complicated for a PC game or perhaps even a bit boring. But as sales of Five Nights at Freddies have confirmed, there are many different ways in which to enjoy playing video games. Camouflaj assures us that they have spent quite a bit of time truly mapping the keyboard and mouse in order to provide a proper feeling input.

République, then, should be on a lot of peoples radars and potential buy lists. It’s going to be more than the sum of its parts and provide a story based game play that could rival even Bioware’s finest creations.

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