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PlayStation 3 Emulator RPCS3 New Video Shows Huge Improvements For Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted


Development of the PlaySTation 3 PC emulator RPCS3 is proceeding smoothly, and it seems like a huge improvement will be coming in the next update for major titles like Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted.

In a new video shared by the RPCS3 Official YouTube channel, the developers showcase huge rendering improvements, also providing an explanation on how these improvements have been made.

AVX-512 & RPCS3 ‘PlayStation 3 Emulator’ Do Wonders Together, 30% Performance Boost Over CPUs With AVX2

Apart from the fixed "Yellow Filter" and issues with tales games
shown earlier, all changes were made by kd-11 which have merged today.

By rewriting Texture Instructions, kd-11 allowed texture inputs to use the srgb colorspace, this fixed Bloom and Shadows in all Unreal Engine 3 Titles. Furthermore he also rewrote ROP control which corrected gamma by implementing the srgb framebuffer output.

pauls-gh fixed an issue where RPCS3 was reading 3D textures as 2D due to a typo. This fixed issues such as broken 3D cell shading on characters in Tales of Vesperia and the "Yellow Filter" issue.
He also implemented texture_compression_vtc, a very rare extension
that only exists on nvidia. This resulted in fixed text in Tales of Vesperia.

These changes likely affect over a hundred games, we didn't have time to show comparisons for even half of the found improvements.

Stay tuned for the March Progress report on our blog which will showcase improvements in many lesser-known games.

To learn more about the emulator, you can check out its official website.