This Pure Copper IHS Kit For Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs From RockItCool Claims To Drop Temperatures By 15 Degrees Celsius


CPU Delidding kit manufacturer, RockItCool, has announced its latest Copper IHS kit for Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs, claiming up to 15C drop in temperatures.

RockItCool's New Copper IHS Kit Claims To Offer 15C Lower Temperatures On Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPUs

RockItCool's Copper IHS Kit for Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPUs features a CNC machined design and increases the surface area by 9.5% over the standard IHS. That along with the smoother flat surface allows for maximum contact with the CPU die and the cooler. The highlighted features include:

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  • CNC machined to tight tolerances
  • Uses the same relid guide as the stock IHS
  • Surface area increased by 9.5% over stock
  • Smooth and flat surfaces for maximum contact with CPU and cooling solutions.
  • Fits 12th Gen CPUs only. Tested on 12900, 12600 & 12400
  • NOTE: The Copper IHS is 100% compatible with the EK & Bitspower Monoblock
  • Guide on how to easily remove solder from the  CPU
  • Marked to show liquid metal application area to eliminate guessing

According to the cooling kit manufacturer, the Copper Kit can deliver improved thermals for Intel's Alder Lake CPUs, dropping temperatures by up to 15C which is very impressive. The main caveat is that you'd have to Delid the CPU using a Delid kit which is not only dangerous but also voids your CPU warranty.

RockItCool does provide handy instructions and guide videos for users who plan on delidding their 12th Gen CPUs and using a 3rd part IHS which can be seen below:

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The RockItCool Copper Cooling kit is available for $32.99 US but you'd also need to purchase the 12th Gen Alder Lake Delid & Relid kit if you plan on installing the new IHS on your Intel chip. The total cost would end up around $93 US which is quite a hefty sum but for enthusiasts & especially overclockers, this isn't that big of a cost if it helps them achieve longer sustained clocks with better temperatures.

News Source: FanlessTech