Rocket League, Car/Sports Acrobatic Mash-up Arrives Today For PS4 And PC

Available on the PS4 and the PC today is Rocket League, a vehicle based sports game with a penchant for destruction and crazy acrobatic vehicular antics.

Rocket League
Rocket League
Rocket League
Rocket League
Rocket League

Play soccer with your car and fly like a bird in Rocket League.

Rocket League combines the fantastic action of sports games with some very whimsical automobiles that are used as your players. Use your highly customized cars to take control of a ball, much like soccer (football), and use your mass and momentum to score some amazing goals using an advanced physics system to give you all kinds of clever ways to play.

"Gamers all over the planet have told us overwhelmingly that they loved Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, and that they wanted even more. Rocket League delivers on that request and we sincerely thank our community for the opportunity to provide them with what has been, for us, a dream project. Without their continued support, our game wouldn't be what it is today."

Would you like to be an individual among the crowd? The customization options are just absolutely staggering. 10 billion possible customization options to individualize you beyond what you ever thought possible. You're Battle-Car will truly be yours.

Players can breeze through the tutorial and play solo in the all-new Season Mode or vie against the AI in multiple team formations and difficulty settings. Up to four people can compete in two-to-four-player splitscreen action as well, with up to eight total players battling it out online (in Ranked, Unranked, or Private Matches) on dedicated servers located all over the world.

Priced at US $19.99 on both PS4 and Steam, Rocket League is also available for free if you're a PS Plus subscribers starting Tuesday, July 7 through Monday, August 3rd 2015.

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