NVIDIA GeForce RTX SUPER Temperatures

No graphics card review is complete without evaluating its temperatures and thermal load. Both Founders Edition cards feature a similar design with a dual axial fan cooler, large aluminum fin stack with a vapor chamber and a contact base.

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The thermal performance for the reference cooler is similar as before since nothing much has been changed. The RTX 2060 SUPER is slightly cooler than the RTX 2060 while the RTX 2070 SUPER performs well in load but has a higher idle temperature. This is partially due to the different GPU die being used on the RTX 2070 SUPER. The RTX 2070 featured the TU106 GPU while the RTX 2070 SUPER features the bigger TU104 die and as you can see with the RTX 2080 FE, it seems to sit tight at around 30-35C on idle.

The lower temperatures also mean that there's more headroom for overclocking available and Boost 4.0 would work extremely well on these cards, pushing it beyond the rated boost frequency with the new algorithms.

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