The Hardware Review: Corsair Strafe RGB

Apr 16, 2016

In The Box

In The Box

In terms of basic specs, the Strafe RGB features Cherry MX Blue switches, which offer 60g of feedback. Different models featuring Brown and Red switches are available also. Per-key RGB back lighting, which basically means each key has its own LED. A USB Pass through port. On board memory for the Corsair Utility Engine (or CUE, more on this later) to store lighting and macro settings directly on the hardware. Anti-ghosting protection and a 104 key rollover.

The keyboard measures 448 x 170 x 40mm, weighs 1.27 Kg, or 2.02 pounds for those less metrically inclined and ships with a 2 year warranty from Corsair with key switches rated for 50 million key presses.

First things first, out of the box we have the keyboard itself, a key removal tool, instructions, a removable, rubberised palm rest and an extra 10 keys (Q, W, E, R, A, S, D and F with an extra key each for W and D, which offer a slightly different angle to the other two keys)

With optional keycaps...

The extra keys have a textured, grey rubber coating and have a subtle angle to them to help with locating them and theoretically shifting your fingers faster in an FPS or MOBA.

I’m not immediately in love with the keyboard itself because it has this odd looking white background underneath the keys. What’s that all about then? I’ll explain more later.

On first connection the keyboard is a veritable rainbow, illuminating itself with a rotating rainbow pinwheel effect, it’s a nice early demonstration of what the lighting on this thing can do, not really to my taste (although it drew some appreciative oohs and aahhs from the wife!)

The colouring is vibrant, the LEDS are fast to shift colour and do so with a great level of fluidity. So as an initial showcase, I'd say this was a good, if garish choice on Corsair’s part, since it instantly shows the potential for what can be done with the lighting in the Strafe.

The difficulty is, it also leads you to want to open up the CUE software mentioned previously, which was my only real (albeit minor) complaint about the entire keyboard.

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