The Hardware Review: Corsair Strafe RGB

Apr 16, 2016


Wrapping up

Overall the keyboard itself is solid, well made and has some great features behind it. Are there some small gripes? Yes of course, but these are largely covered by being a great mechanical keyboard with excellent Cherry Blue switches and some good customisation capabilities.

I’m not the kind of guy who spends ages doing tons of different RGB profiles, regardless of the piece of hardware so I’m generally less likely to be in the software on a regular basis, as such my initial difficulties with CUE are less of a factor on the overall score than they may otherwise be. That much said, if I were already familiar with CUE (like I am a bit with Synapse), I’d probably be much more adept at using it and would be able to overlook its idiosyncrasies in the same way I do Synapse’s.

On the odd occasion where I miss my intended key and look down at the keyboard it takes a bit of getting used to with the font, but on the whole it’s a great mechanical keyboard. I love Cherry’s blue switches and the chances are that any keyboard which has them onboard, I’m going to get along with.

There are still a few things that I prefer about my K70 though. The solid metal base (as much of a pain as it is to clean as it is!) being one of those key things. Couple that with the slightly unintuitive CUE software, the odd font and I’m kind of nit-picking but I prefer my K70.

That much said, the STRAFE has a lot of functionalities that gamers will appreciate which the K70 (non-RGB) doesn’t have like fully programmable keys. Overall, I'm happy to recommend it as a great keyboard.

Final note. CUE is currently supported only on Windows. Apple users can use the keyboard of course, but most customisation capabilities are unsupported. I believe there are also some 3rd parties who have ported some of CUE's functionalities to Apple but this is unsupported by Corsair of course.

Overall, the keyboard scores highly. I drop down the usability score since to make use of it to the fullest, you're going to need to get familiar with CUE which is powerful but unintuitive to the new user.

Reviewed at $149.99 (Amazon US). and £144.99 (Corsair UK, Amazon doesn't have the version with the Blues)

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